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Here’s What an Audience Really Wants in a Keynote Speaker

John Mattone

(Original source LinkedIn Pulse) 

“Keynote speakers may be the anchor event of a sales meeting, corporate event, or technical symposium. Or they may be the capstone to a corporate team-building endeavor. Generally, a keynote speaker will talk to an audience for 45 minutes to an hour, capturing the distilled essence of your gathering and highlighting it to the audience. The great keynote speaker can shape the presentation into a unique “moment” for your audience and make the occasion memorable for the right reasons.

Good keynote speakers and bad keynote speakers exist, and the speaker that is perfect for one organization and occasion may not be right for another. To choose the keynote speaker that will resonate with your particular audience at a particular time, it’s important to understand different types of keynote speakers, what it’s reasonable to expect from them, and what you shouldn’t expect them to do. Take the time up front to evaluate your options carefully, and you can ensure a keynote speech that will stay with the audience long after the event itself is over.”

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