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Here’s EXACTLY who I think will “win” the debates tonight

By: Allen B. West (original source Allen B West)

“Perhaps there are many who aren’t paying attention to this, but today Cleveland, Ohio will be the center of the political universe. This evening, the first GOP presidential primary debate will be held — in two segments. There are seventeen GOP candidates vying for the Republican party’s 2016 presidential nomination. The debate has a second tier of candidates — seven — who will take the stage earlier in the day. Then, in prime time, the top 10 based on an average of national polls hit the deck.

And so what do I think will happen? First of all, what I hope doesn’t happen is that this becomes prime-time entertainment and a circular firing squad. I’m hoping this will be a substantive forum that enables candidates in both tiers to display their ability to connect with the American people.”

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