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Here’s who I thought won last night’s debate – and one GIANT loser

Congressman Allen B. West

By Congressman Allen West

(Allen B West) – Here’s the one takeaway from the GOP presidential primary debate from Wednesday evening — the hypocrisy of the liberal progressive media was called out.

If there was an overall loser for the debate, it was collectively the CNBC moderators of Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick, and John Harwood. The obvious winners were the ten GOP candidates who took on the moderators, attacking them for their blatantly biased line of questioning and for the most part, didn’t fall into the trap of the circular firing squad. As Senator Marco Rubio pointed out, no one broached the subject of absent votes in the Senate for John Kerry and Barack Obama. So I must ask why Jeb Bush re-engaged Rubio on the same subject?

In any event, this debate was supposed to be about fiscal issues, and they could have easily spent an entire hour on the insidious budget deal just voted on in the House earlier in the day. On the budget deal, which was crafted in the late hours of Monday, every “nay” vote was Republican – a total of 167. That meant the measure passed with some 79 House Republicans joining with all the Democrats for passage. In other words, just one-third of the House GOP majority supported this “deal.” Every single GOP candidate should have been asked his or her assessment, and how they would deal with another debt “crisis” if they were president in March 2017. Why didn’t the moderators bring up the fact that Barack Obama has added nearly $8 trillion in new debt to America, and how they as president would curtail the borrowing of money?

Why wasn’t there more conversation about Janet Yellin and her monetary policy, which artificially keeps interest rates low? Heck, they could have spent another hour discussing the regulatory environment that’s constraining the growth of our economy.

Just as Jake Tapper of CNN went into the second GOP debate with an agenda — to create a circular firing squad — so did the CNBC crew. And there are two questions: was this intentional and planned, and should the GOP stop having liberal progressive media moderation of their debates?

First, you must ask if there were some network executives who consulted with the CNBC moderators? It wasn’t just the line of questioning, but also the attitude of those making the inquiry. There can be no debate that the CNBC crew had little to no interest in a fair assessment of the issues by taking the current economic situation in America and looking forward.

The nature of the questions were surely more confrontational, hardly like the CNN Democrat debate where it was a love fest combined with Santa Claus solutions to every issue. No doubt the roughness of the questions posed indicate a far higher level of competence with the GOP field as opposed to the Democrat field. The difference between major league baseball and t-ball if you ask me provides a comparative analysis between the two debate styles, formats. So, I tend to believe the CNBC debate angle was planned.

If that’s the case, should the GOP continue to allow the liberal left to moderate its primary debates? Ask yourself, will Fox News or Fox Business News get the chance to moderate the Democrat debate? Perhaps it should be as one GOP candidate said, no one who won’t be voting in a GOP primary should be hosting a GOP primary debate. Should the RNC go back and cancel the future debates which don’t follow that line of reasoning?

If anything, when you have an audience audibly booing the moderators, that tells you something. Simply put, they sucked. The CNBC team didn’t comport itself in a favorable manner and they may go back to their offices at CNBC and get all kinds of high fives — but they’ll find out their ratings will suffer. CNBC did something that was sorely needed: they unified the GOP candidates, and also the American people against them. If RNC Chairman Reince Priebus decides to drop future liberal media outlet hosting of debates, he has the high ground to do so.

I’m looking forward to one of the Democrat presidential primary debates being moderated by Fox News, Fox Business News, and a panel of Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. It has now been validated that the liberal media isn’t going to conduct a fair and balanced assessment of the GOP field — so why give them the opportunity?

There is no doubt, Texas Senator Ted Cruz came out on top last night. Yes, there is even more anger out there now, but after last night, it has become very targeted – against the liberal progressive media. Americans already don’t like media elites, They REALLY have a reason not to like them now. And ask yourself, did anyone hammer Bernie Sanders about his 90 person tax confiscation plan?

Hey, thanks CNBC, you guys just threw an evening of “pick 6s” all night long! Yep, CNBC you should be ashamed, but then again that would require y’all to have a sense of character in the first place.

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