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How One Positive Change Can Spark A Ripple Effect Of Happiness

Shawn Achor

By Lisa Capretto (original source Huffington Post)

“From the moment we’re old enough to understand it, we’re taught that it’s impossible to change other people. The parent always oozing negativity, the boss who can’t appreciate any accomplishments, the relentless trash-talking “friend” — these seemingly unhappy people are who they are, and nothing you can do will change them. Only, that’s not entirely true, says one happiness researcher.

Shawn Achor has spent years studying the topic of happiness, even traveling to 50 countries to research positive psychology. The Harvard-trained researcher and best-selling author recently shared the most powerful highlights of his findings in a talk for Oprah’s “SuperSoul Sessions” speaker series, explaining how, yes, it is possible to change other people’s happiness levels.”

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