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How Republicans should wrestle with Obamacare after the Supreme Court ruling

The Honorable Tevi Troy, Ph.D

(Original source Daily News)

“Now that the Supreme Court has ruled for the Obama administration in the case of King vs. Burwell, perhaps Washington can finally turn to fixing the law’s acknowledged deficiencies. Chief Justice John Roberts, despite affirming the Obama administration’s position, remained quite critical of the Affordable Care Act itself, writing that it “contains more than a few examples of inartful drafting.” He also noted that the law “does not reflect the type of care and deliberation that one might expect of such significant legislation.”

Rebukes aside, President Obama and supporters of the law were thrilled with the decision. But this is not the end of the conversation about the ACA. Overall, the law has many problems that need to be fixed, including the increasing lack of affordability for both public and private plans, limited quality and price transparency within the system, burdensome regulations and overall unsustainable coverage levels.”

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