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I trust parents to make the right choice for their children

Governor Scott Walker

By Scott Walker (Original source Washington Times)

Dina’s son was struggling with his grades. He was being bullied by the other students. Not surprisingly, he didn’t care much for school.

So his mother took advantage of our statewide expansion of school choice in Wisconsin. She used a voucher to send him to a private school.

Dina’s son was a completely different student. He received good grades. He joined the football team. He even played in the band. Best of all, he loved going to school.

When I first met Dina, she was thrilled with her son’s transformation but scared that liberal politicians would take away her ability to send her son to the school that was right for him and she didn’t make enough money to pay for it on her own. She was careful not to criticize the public school her son had attended but made the point that this was not the right place for him. The results proved her right.”

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