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Ken Burns Reveals Details of His Never-Made Film

Ken Burns

(original source Hollywood Reporter)

Complications involving Martin Luther King Jr.‘s family — which ensnared the makers of 2014’s Selma — also led filmmaker Ken Burns to walk away from a projected documentary about the civil rights icon.

“All through the ’90s, I would say, ‘I really want to do something on Martin Luther King,’ ” he said in a March 18 interview. “I think I am programmed to do it because every film I do somehow impacts with race, which is our great subject in America. It’s why the Civil War happened. It’s everything. But I knew that the family had a hard time letting go of him. And then, completely out of the blue, in the early 2000s, I got a letter from the King family, saying, ‘We think you are the best person in the world to do the biography of our husband-father.’ I flew down to Atlanta, and within a few hours, I realized, ‘No, they can’t let go.’ “

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