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Latino group registers 100,000 new voters in time for the election

Maria Teresa Kumar

By Tess Owen (original source Vice News) 

“A nonpartisan civic group pulled out all the stops to ensure that Latino millennials are registered to vote, with celebrity appearances, a “Turn Up for Super Tuesday” music event in San Antonio, and a special voting app launched just for this election.

It seems to have worked. Voto Latino, formed in 2004, says it registered more than 100,000 new voters since last November and expects a “record turnout” of Latino voters in a historic presidential election that’s fraught with issues of ethnicity and immigration.

Maria Teresa Kumar, president and CEO of the group, said in an email that the ramped-up efforts to get Latinos registered were partly driven by the attention on their community by “the candidates.” “This year in particular, the stakes are extremely high,” she said.”

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