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More laws do not a moral people make

Dr. Everett Piper

By Everett Piper (original source The Washington Times)

“This past Valentine’s Day, Nikolas Cruz entered a classroom in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and proceeded to murder 17 people and wound 15 others. Before any meaningful criminal investigation could even begin, our nation’s cultural elites rushed to their respective podiums, finding fault and casting aspersions. Scoring political points is the name of the game. Removing personal rights embedded in our Constitution and replacing them with more laws and less freedom seems to be the only way they know to keep score.

In the minds of our country’s political class, it seems the average citizen’s freedom “to keep and bear arms” is clearly to blame for every heinous act reported on the nightly news. As is almost always the case these days, progressives think only more laws and more regulations will solve our culture’s problems.”

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