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Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘The polar photography of Paul Nicklen is a climate change warning’

Paul Nicklen

(iNews) – Our planet is a truly incredible place. Our delicate climate and natural systems support countless species of living things that work together in harmony, creating a vibrant and beautiful home for us all. I am constantly in awe of nature. Throughout my life, in both my work as an actor and as an environmental campaigner, I have had the privilege of seeing some of the most incredible, wild places and the remarkable creatures that inhabit them. I have seen untouched rainforests and some of the most remote parts of our oceans – places that today, due to rampant human activity, are becoming increasingly rare and harder to experience. There are a few talented individuals who are committed to exploring and documenting these wild places and sharing their inspiring beauty with the world. Paul Nicklen is one of them. His work invites you to become immersed in the magic and wonder of the poles of our planet, with a rare intimacy that will draw you in and inspire you to protect these precious places.

What exactly does it mean to be living during a period of unprecedented change? It means that our decisions right now will make the difference to either heal our planet or destroy it. The critical time is now, not some distant future. I have traveled north to Greenland and the Arctic and have seen firsthand the devastating effects of climate change. With ancient glaciers rapidly disappearing well ahead of scientific predictions, the environmental crisis is changing the natural balance of our planet.

There is hope. Along the path to pursuing a healthier future, I’ve sought out like-minded people and organisations that increase our collective influence of protecting vulnerable wildlife from extinction and restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. The work of my own environmental charity, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and Nicklen’s SeaLegacy organisation has a powerful synergy, both fighting to maximise our impact of turning the tide on issues that contribute to environmental change before time runs out.

To witness the Arctic and Antarctica through Nicklen’s lens is to experience hope in action. His new book, Born to Ice, showcases the life’s work of an artist whose love for the landscape, and each animal in it, is so palpable that emotion echoes throughout every image, as you can see here. As a collection, the images build in scope and power, leaving you profoundly affected and deepening your sense of commitment to protect these stunning parts of our planet.

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