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Lose It! partners with Rise, adding a human element to weight loss

Suneel Gupta

(original source Beta Boston)

“Lose It!, the Boston-based meal-tracking app, announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with Rise, a dieting app that links users with nutritionists and health coaches. The partnership signals the first time that Lose It! will incorporate a human element directly into its weight-loss tracking efforts, which so far have helped over 24 million people lose 40 million pounds.

While tracking caloric intake has been proven to help people lose weight — in part because just making someone aware of just how many calories are in that Big Mac can help people make better food choices — research has also found that having a weight-loss coach can be instrumental in long-term weight management efforts. A 2011 study conducted at Johns Hopkins Medical Center found that obese patients who worked with health coaches, either online or by phone, not only managed to lose an average of 5 percent of their body weight, but kept the weight off for the next two years.”

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