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Many Americans are fighting the Fed. Good for them

The Honorable Sheila C. Bair

By Sheila Bair (Original source CNBC)

‘“Don’t fight the Fed.” This oft-cited wisdom from the late investment guru Marty Zweig holds that when the Federal Reserve cuts rates, investors should double down on stock investments.

The theory is that lower rates encourage businesses and consumers to borrow and spend, boosting corporate profits. Following Zweig’s advice, investors have taken the stock market to new highs on the heels of three Fed rate cuts.

Overall, investors seem oblivious to multiple warnings signs that the economy is turning, including slumping business investment, a slowdown in hiring, stalled wage growth and a stubbornly narrow-to-inverted yield curve.

However, there are some Americans who aren’t buying into the “Don’t fight the Fed” theory.”

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