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Mark Esper: New WWSG Exclusive Speaker

The Honorable Mark Esper

Worldwide Speakers Group is thrilled to announce Mark Esper as our newest exclusive speaker! Mark has led a distinguished career as a visionary leader, innovator, reformer, and change agent with a proven record of accomplishment in a wide range of roles and organizations.

He attributes his success to the importance he places on character and values, coupled with boundless energy and a can-do spirit that puts the organization and its people first, and treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Mark Esper offers audiences an array of insights, ideas, forecasts, and strategies based on relevant experience, fostering the success of both individuals and teams.

Esper’s captivating speech topics include Leadership, National Security, and U.S. Foreign Policy. To learn more about the benefits Mark Esper will offer your organization, visit his profile page and contact us: https://www.wwsg.com/speakers/mark-esper/

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