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Meet the 38 Year Old Who Co-Chairs One of the Largest Super PACs Supporting Donald Trump

Eric Beach

(Original source Entrepreneur)

Eric Beach, 38, is co-chairman of Great America PAC, the California-based committee that has fast become one of the most dominant players in a crowded and competitive field of political action committees supporting Donald Trump. Recently, Entrepreneur had a long-reaching phone interview with Beach about his PAC, which has raised $3 million since forming in January, and has a plan to reach $20 million by the National Republican Convention and $120 million by the general election. What follows are excerpts from that conversation.

De-mystifying super PACs

“Most people look at super PACs like it is people trying to buy elections. I don’t look at it like that. It is people doing their patriotic duty to support candidates who they believe will be best for our nation. I could be worth $10 billion, but under the campaign finance rules, I can only give Donald Trump $5,400. So if I have the means to give him $5 million, then why shouldn’t I be allowed to exercise my freedom of speech? That’s what super PACs give you the opportunity to do.”

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