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Olga Koroleva succeeds in 40th expedition

Olga Koroleva

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, Olga Koroleva has achieved her goal by climbing Annapurna I.

Before leaving for Annapurna, she had made it public that she was planning to retire from climbing eight-thousanders.

Annapurna is considered to be one of the most difficult climbs in the world. Many climbers have died while trying to summit the mountain.



This is Koroleva’s 40th mountaineering expedition. She successfully climbed Mt. Everest in 2019 from China’s northern route. She also climbed the world’s second-largest K2 in Pakistan in 2021.

By profession, Olga Koroleva is a real estate entrepreneur. She has a Master’s degree in linguistics

In 2021, she became the first Russian to reach the summit of Mount K2.

According to the Seven Summit Treks, some foreign climbers who have gone to Annapurna have successfully climbed the mountain this morning. The members of the team and the Sherpas made a successful ascent of Annapurna at 11:10 am.

Among the Nepalese in the team were Gelje Sherpa (fixing team) Pasang Nurbu Sherpa (fixing team) as well as Daba Sherpa and Chhangwa Sherpa.

Other male and female climbers from Russia are also coming to Nepal to climb Mt. Everest and other mountains.

Another woman has also achieved success in Annapurna I today. She reached the peak of Annapurna I at 12 noon today, quoted Nima Galgen Sherpa of Dolma Outdoor Expedition.

Citizen of Chinese Taipei Tseng Ko-erh has reached the summit without the use of supplemental oxygen. Reaching the summit at the age of 29, she has become the youngest woman in the world to achieve this feat. Nepalese Nima Galgen Sherpa and Ningma Dorje Tamang were also in the team.

Similarly 8K Expeditions quoted Pemba Sherpa as saying that another team was successful in Annapurna. At 8091 meters, Annapurna I is the 10th highest mountain in the world.

Three women on the international climbing team were successful. Kristin Harila – Norway, Kasturi Deepak Savekar – India, and Baibanou Bouchra – Morocco.

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