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Outgoing FDA chief Scott Gottlieb gets personal about leaving ‘the best job’ he’s ever had

Scott Gottlieb, M.D.

By Scott Gottlieb (Original source CNBC)

“For the last two years, Scott Gottlieb missed a lot of time with his wife and three daughters — back-to-school nights, school plays and parent-teacher conferences.

He loved his job running the Food and Drug Administration, but hated leaving his wife, Allyson, and his nine-year-old twins and five-year-old in Connecticut every Sunday to head to Washington, D.C. Leaving work on Fridays was also hard. Allyson would tease him about how he wouldn’t want to leave D.C. at the end of the week but didn’t want to leave his home in Westport, Connecticut, on Sundays either.

Gottlieb said he was used to traveling for work every week when President Donald Trump tapped him to be his FDA commissioner in March 2017.”

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