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News March 20, 2018

  • Vulcan Materials Adds former US Labor Secretary Elaine Chao to Board

    SPEAKER: Elaine Chao

    Vulcan Materials Company has added two new members to its board of directors: a former Secretary of Labor and the CEO of one of the largest energy companies in the country. 

  • 100 Most Influential African-American Republicans

    SPEAKER: Allen West

    Congressman Allen West, voted #12 among the top 100 most influential African-American republicans.

  • What President Obama and “President Fallon” Know About Social Media That the Rest of Us Need to Learn

    SPEAKER: Ben Parr

    By: Don Kay

    (Vanity Fair) – …The talk began immediately after Bush’s tweet-up ended and was moderated by Vanity Fair West Coast executive editorKrista Smith, who welcomed Bush, Shira Lazar of What’s Trending, Andrew Adashekfrom Twitter and former Mashable co-editor (and author of the new book Captivology) Ben Parr to kick around just what social media means today and how it is changing the pop culture, entertainment and traditional media landscape.

  • Obama Must Confront the Threat of Radical Islam

    SPEAKER: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes about how ISIS is recruiting young Muslims from around the globe to jihad, and the White House apparently doesn't understand why. 

  • 10 Mind-Altering Business Books from 2014


    (Huffington Post) – As founder of ad agency StrawberryFrog, I read a lot of business books to try to keep up with the newest thinking and fresh ideas. Trouble is, many business books just confirm what you knew already. Rare is the title that truly shifts your thinking and opens your mind to new possibilities. The following 10 books (with a few honorable mentions at the end) do just that. Some you’ve no doubt heard of already; a few are under-appreciated gems.

  • Ben Parr Ranked #54 of Top-100 Social Media Power Influencers in 2015

    SPEAKER: Ben Parr

    This marks the third year that StatSocial and Haydn Shaughnessy publish a list of Twitter users most influential in the realm of social media—that is, social media experts with a great following among people also interested in social media. Excluded from this list of the top-hundred influencers are journalists and actual employees of social media companies. We’ve published this annual list on for two years. Take a look below for this year’s list of movers and shakers.

  • Looking For Economic Growth In All The Wrong Places

    SPEAKER: Harry Broadman

    By Harry Broadman

    (Forbes) – Most mainstream US and European media stories on the future prospects of the global economy dwell on the fortunes of either the advanced economies or of a very small set of large emerging market countries, often expressed in catchy (but not terribly meaningful) acronyms, epitomized by “BRICS”—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Businesses, investors, government officials and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) buying into this myopic view are missing the real story on what is driving global economic growth.

  • The Power of Teams: From Everest to the Pinnacle of Business Success

    SPEAKER: Susan Ershler

    By: Susan Ershler

    (Thought Leaders, LLC) – In 2002, while relaxing at Everest Base Camp, I fell into conversation with Dan, a fellow climber about to make his fifth attempt to reach the summit alone. Dan was determined to be completely self-sufficient, carrying all of his own gear and climbing without a guide. I wondered why anyone would take on such a huge challenge without accepting even a modicum of help. But I wished him luck and rejoined my team to prepare for our climb of the treacherous Khumbu Ice Fall, the first major obstacle on our route to the summit. A week later, at Camp III, I found Dan camping alone and stopped by briefly to offer him a cup of tea and an energy bar. Cordially but firmly, he refused, reiterating his decision to rely exclusively on the supplies he had carried up himself from Base Camp. Later, I heard that Dan’s fifth attempt to reach the summit of Everest had failed. His determination to climb the world’s tallest mountain alone had defeated him.

  • Steve Wozniak to Speak at Charlotte’s Huge Venture-Capital Gathering

    SPEAKER: Steve Wozniak

    It's only fitting that Charlotte's biggest-ever conference around technology, innovation, venture capital and all things digital should feature an appropriately big-time keynote speaker. Enter Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak, or "The Woz," as he's often called.

  • Steve Wozniak at Government Summit in Dubai

    SPEAKER: Steve Wozniak

    Co-founder of Apple Computers whizzes through a range of topics with enthusiasm at his session in the summit.

  • Carly Fiorina to Keynote High Tech Entrepreneur Event

    SPEAKER: Carly Fiorina

    Carly Fiorina, the chair of the Unlocking Potential Project, former chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, author, community change agent and…

  • Our Exciting, Weird, and Scary Future: Q&A With Peter Diamandis

    SPEAKER: Peter Diamandis

    Whenever the world seems hopeless, I find myself revisiting the 2012 don't-worry-it's-all-gonna-be-great TED talk from XPrize CEO Peter Diamandis (embedded below). Diamandis is a passionate proponent of "rational optimism," and uses cold hard data to demonstrate how humanity is improving its condition thanks to technology.

  • How Not to Bungle an ObamaCare Opening

    SPEAKER: Tevi Troy

    by Scott Gottlieb & Tevi Troy
    (WSJ) – Republican congressional leaders were wise to propose an alternative to the Affordable Care Act this week, as the Supreme Court may strike down a key provision of the law after hearing King v. Burwell next month. The case involves subsidies to individuals who purchase health insurance on federal exchanges. The plaintiffs—four individuals who don't want to be forced to buy ObamaCare—argue that under the explicit terms of the ACA, subsidies enabling that purchase can only be distributed in exchanges "established by the State." The court is expected to rule by the end of June, and the plaintiffs have a good chance of convincing a majority that the subsidies are unlawful.

  • How Not to Bungle an ObamaCare Opening

    SPEAKER: Scott Gottlieb

    by Scott Gottlieb & Tevi Troy
    (WSJ) – Republican congressional leaders were wise to propose an alternative to the Affordable Care Act this week, as the Supreme Court may strike down a key provision of the law after hearing King v. Burwell next month. The case involves subsidies to individuals who purchase health insurance on federal exchanges. The plaintiffs—four individuals who don't want to be forced to buy ObamaCare—argue that under the explicit terms of the ACA, subsidies enabling that purchase can only be distributed in exchanges "established by the State." The court is expected to rule by the end of June, and the plaintiffs have a good chance of convincing a majority that the subsidies are unlawful.

  • Scott Gottlieb on How Obamacare’s Bad Math Will Force Insurers To Downgrade Earnings

    SPEAKER: Scott Gottlieb

    Some of the biggest health insurers are baking faulty math into their earnings forecasts by factoring in payments from Uncle Sam that may never materialize.

    Two events this week could force a reckoning between their wishful arithmetic and common auditing standards – forcing insures to downgrade their earnings.

    At issue are risk-sharing arrangements contained in Obamacare that are meant to help offset losses insures might take as the program gets started. Collectively, these programs have become known as “the three Rs” because of their three elements.

  • Noncommunicable Disease – An Emerging Global Health Crisis

    SPEAKER: Nancy Brinker

    Nancy Brinker on the need to better understand what we are up against in the work of global health, and women's health in particular.

  • Why We're Losing to Radical Islam

    SPEAKER: Newt Gingrich

    Fourteen years after 9/11, we still lack a strategy. Congress should lead with hearings on the enemy and how to prevail. 

  • Dr. Gupta Answers Your Questions on Vaccines

    SPEAKER: Sanjay Gupta

    CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta answers your questions about childhood vaccinations and allergic reactions to them.

  • Journalism’s ‘troublesome, powerful’ Mideast presence

    SPEAKER: Octavia Nasr

    (Al Arabiya) – Today, the Middle East stands at a crossroad with a major imbalance of wealth and power. 

  • Newt Gingrich Will Deliver Sebelius Lecture in April

    SPEAKER: Newt Gingrich

    (KSN) – The lecture series named for one of Fort Hays State University’s most notable alumni will feature an appearance in April by Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and a Republican candidate for president.

  • The New Asian Order: And How the United States Fits In

    SPEAKER: Evan Feigenbaum

    By: Evan A. Feigenbaum

    (Foreign Affairs) – There is something a bit unsettling about being nearly the only American at a discussion of financial order held not on the Potomac, East, Hudson, or Thames, but near the banks of the Mithi River. And surely there is something deeply symbolic about a forlorn group of Americans listening to power brokers from China, India, Japan, and elsewhere discuss how to remake the financial order on a pan-Asian basis. After all, the United States has dominated global finance in the postwar era, which is a byproduct of the unique role of the U.S. dollar, the United States’ weight in global institutions, and the best-in-class status of so many U.S. financial services firms, among other factors.

  • 13-year-old invents braille printer with Legos

    SPEAKER: Shubham Banerjee

    (CNN) – Shubham Banerjee, a 13-year-old inventor, created a braille printer using Legos. CNN’s Dan Simon reports.

    Click here to watch the video.


    SPEAKER: Shubham Banerjee

    (ABC News) – A California middle school student designed a new and cheaper way to print in Braille, and he built it with Legos.

    Read more or click here to watch the video.

  • Robert B. Tucker Awarded Brandlaureate, Brand Personality Award

    SPEAKER: Robert Tucker

    Robert B. Tucker has been awarded the BrandLaureate International Brand Personality Award for his outstanding contributions to the field of innovation.

    Past recipients include Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Taylor Swift, Steve Jobs, and many others. BrandLaureate ( is the world’s premier branding foundation dedicated to the promotion and improvement of branding standards in the Asia Pacific region and across the globe. The foundation confers the annual award to people who have done much for their country through their sweat, tears, and passion. These individuals have contributed greatly to the growth of a business, brand, or an industry in their own rights and terms. 

  • Carly Fiorina: ‘Seriously considering’ presidential race

    SPEAKER: Carly Fiorina

    Carly Fiorina is not taking the idea of 2016 presidential campaign lightly.  In an interview, Carly states she is "seriously considering running."

  • Charlie Hebdo tests our value of life

    SPEAKER: Octavia Nasr

    (Annahar) – Journalists seek the truth and believe in its sacred mission to know, speak and report.

  • This new year, we need new heroes

    SPEAKER: Octavia Nasr

    (Al Arabiya) – If we don’t demand freedom, practice it and reflect it in our daily life, soon there will be no life worth living anymore.

  • Building literacy among the blind with a teen inventor’s low-cost Lego printer

    SPEAKER: Shubham Banerjee

    (PBS Newshour) – A simple question — how do blind people read? — inspired a middle-schooler’s transformation into a tech entrepreneur. Using Lego blocks, 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee created a low-cost braille printer to improve access and literacy for the visually impaired. Special correspondent Jackie Judd reports as part of our Breakthroughs series.

    Click here to watch the video.

  • Intel Invests in Young Inventor’s Braille Printer Project

    SPEAKER: Shubham Banerjee

    (Bloomberg Business) – Braigo Labs Founder and CEO Shubham Banerjee discusses building Braille printers from Legos.

    Click here to watch the video.

  • The 2014 Teddy Awards

    SPEAKER: William Burns

    (TIME Magazine) – In a dismal political year, these Americans went far beyond the call of duty… a great career diplomat who retired this year: Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, who spent decades of quiet service making the world a safer place, from his time as ambassador to Russia to his recent work on the Iran nuclear negotiations. We need many more like him.

  • These Are the 10 Best Business Books of 2014


    (Time) – These 10 business books were the real eye-openers for entrepreneurs in the year 2014

  • A Tale of Two Asias

    SPEAKER: Evan Feigenbaum

    By: Evan A. Feigenbaum, Robert A. Manning

    Whatever happened to the "Asian Century?" In recent months, two Asias, wholly incompatible, have emerged in stark relief.

    There is "Economic Asia," the Dr. Jekyll — a dynamic, integrated Asia with 53 percent of its trade now being conducted within the region itself, and a $19 trillion regional economy that has become an engine of global growth.

    And then there is "Security Asia," the veritable Mr. Hyde — a dysfunctional region of mistrustful powers, prone to nationalism and irredentism, escalating their territorial disputes over tiny rocks and shoals, and arming for conflict.

  • Suneel Gupta Discusses Early Missteps of Groupon at FailCon 2012

    SPEAKER: Suneel Gupta

    Wearing Your Failures on Your Sleeve: Suneel Gupta, then a vice president at Groupon, discusses some of the early missteps at FailCon 2012 in San Francisco.  


  • Fortune editor speaks on importance of civility in business

    SPEAKER: Geoffrey Colvin

    (Greenwich Time) – Geoff Colvin, Fortune magazine's senior editor at large, found himself in an interesting situation a couple of years ago, squaring off against IBM's super computer Watson in a practice round of Jeopardy at a large conference.

  • How Silicon Valley’s teen phenom will help blind

    SPEAKER: Shubham Banerjee

    (CBS News) – In a room full of entrepreneurs and investors, 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee, may seem out of place.

    But the eighth grader is already a star; the youngest person ever to get venture capital investment for a start-up, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

    It all began last year, during a conversation with his parents.

    "I just asked a simple question, 'how do blind people read?'" Banjeree asked. "They said, 'go Google it.' And I found out that braille printers cost $2,000 onwards."

    Read more or click here to watch the video. 

  • 13-Year-Old Creator of Lego Braille Printer Is Youngest Ever to Receive Venture Capital Funding

    SPEAKER: Shubham Banerjee

    (NBC Bay Area) – Shubham Banerjee designed a functioning Braille printer made out of a Lego robotics kit when he was 12. This week, Intel Capital announced it is investing in the boy’s startup, Braigo Labs.

    Read more or click here to watch the video.

  • Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi freed from Mexican jail, returns to US – Gov. Bill Richardson Comments

    SPEAKER: Bill Richardson

    After 214 days in a Mexican prison, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi returned home to Florida Saturday, having been freed Friday night after a strong diplomatic push appeared to help convince a judge to release the former Marine on humanitarian grounds.

  • 10 Parting Thoughts for America’s Diplomats

    SPEAKER: William Burns

    By: William J. Burns

    As one of America's foremost diplomats hangs up his spurs, lessons from 33 years at the State Department.

    Diplomacy is not quite the world’s oldest profession, but it remains one of the most misunderstood. It’s a predictable and recurring habit to question its relevance and dismiss its practitioners, especially at moments like this, when international affairs are rocked by powerful and tumultuous transitions.

  • Carly Fiorina Procures Supplies to Fight Ebola in Africa

    SPEAKER: Carly Fiorina

    The former CEO of Hewlett Packard and onetime candidate for U.S. Senator from California, is now tackling a new role as the board chair of Good360, a nonprofit in Alexandria, Virginia. She is now spearheading the organization that has taken on the task of distributing donated goods to vetted charities, including disaster relief and humanitarian organizations across the globe. From hand soap to children's toys, there is no shortage of needed goods, and Fiorina is up for the task. She is recruiting her business contacts to get involved in the donations, and behind her leadership they are stepping up to the plate. 

  • Gary Locke, Selects WWSG For Exclusive Representation

    SPEAKER: Gary Locke

    Gary F. Locke, the former U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, has selected Worldwide Speakers Group for exclusive representation of his global speaking activities. A former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Governor of Washington, Locke is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on U.S.-China relations, global expansion, and business growth.

  • Elaine Chao Talks Foreign Policy With Chinese Students

    SPEAKER: Elaine Chao

    Secretary Chao’s government career includes serving as the Director of Peace Corps, Deputy Secretary of Transportation, Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission, and Deputy Maritime Administrator. Prior to her government service, she was Vice President at Bank of America and a banker with Citicorp.  She was also a White House Fellow.  Chao is a graduate of Harvard Business School and the recipient of 34 honorary doctorate degrees.  Currently, she serves on a number of corporate and nonprofit boards.

  • Donna Brazile – In Sacramento California


    Donna Brazile is a Veteran Democratic political strategist  who regularly speaks on political issues. She recently spoke at the Pac15’s “Third Annual Fundraiser Event,” at the Guild Theater in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California.  Brazile an adjunct professor, author, a syndicated columnist, and the Vice Chair of Voter Registration and Participation at the Democratic National Committee. She is also the founder and managing director of Brazile & Associates LLC, a general consulting, grassroots advocacy, and training firm based in Washington, D.C.

  • Richard Branson Is The Best Boss You Never Had

    SPEAKER: Richard Branson

    Hiring and investing in employees is his top priority. He has even given a second chance to an employee caught stealing who then became one of his most loyal workers. Richard Branson is one of history’s most influential moguls and he has made his way to the top by empowering the people who work below him.  Read this interview where he talks about what makes an important employee.

    Branson is always involved with hiring senior executives in any of his organizations.  He even flies out candidates to his private island retreat, Necker Island, with seldom a complaint! Google CEO Larry Page has also learned from Branson and realizes how important it is to be hands on in the hiring process.

  • Eleanor Clift on the House Race in Arizona

    SPEAKER: Eleanor Clift

    Ron Barber and Martha McSally are in a heated race for the House of Representatives in Arizona, in Gabrielle Gifford’s former district.  McSally has ran an aggressive television campaign, where she boasts about her multiple tours in combat as a former Air Force Fighter Pilot.  However, those TV ads may or may not be enough to convince the voters to elect McSally, as Barber is a former staff member of the popular Giffords, who survived an attempted assassination in 2011.  The voters will have the ultimate say in the coming election.

  • Jill Dougherty Is Shaking Up the Speaking World After Retirement from CNN

    SPEAKER: Jill Dougherty

    After a 30-year career at CNN the veteran foreign affairs correspondent, who was also the White House correspondent for the channel, and Moscow bureau chief is now speaking for WWSG.

  • Joe Torre On Derek Jeter Retiring And The Impact On Baseball

    SPEAKER: Joe Torre

    Former New York Yankees Manager talks about the legacy of one of the team’s and major league baseballs most recognized heroes, Derek Jeter.

  • Hank Paulson Appears In Court To Comment On the 2008 AIG Bailout

    SPEAKER: Henry M. Paulson, Jr.

    Former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson testified as an expert witness as part of a lawsuit alleging the 2008 federal rescue of American International Group Inc. (AIG) cost shareholders billions of dollars.

    Mr. Paulson fielded questions about possible private-sector solutions for AIG, that plaintiffs contend the government wrongfully ignored. While his testimony was slated for a 6 hour time slot, Mr. Paulson was dismissed in two hours due to his strong testimony.

  • Newt Gingrich Speaker At The Annual GOP Reagan Bean Dinner

    SPEAKER: Newt Gingrich

    The Reagan Bean dinner is  held weeks before the November election in Indiana to rally support and energize voters for GOP candidates and this year they had a special surprise when former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, joined as the guest speaker.

    With the November 4th elections just a few weeks away, Gingrich is optimistic that the Republican party will pick up seats stating that, “People are so uncomfortable with the economy, with a very confused foreign policy, with the health problems we’re seeing with Ebola and the confusion in the Administration there, that I just think it’s very difficult for the Democrats to regain their balance between now and Election Day.”

  • Wozniak credits ‘Builders’ more than dreamers for tech advancements

    SPEAKER: Steve Wozniak

    Recently Woz mesmerized the crowd when he spoke at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando Florida. He talked about how technology is advancing the future and that "Builders know which new things can be developed and made into a final product," said Wozniak. "I credit builders for all the advancements." Woz encourages engineers to develop technology and products that matter to you personally instead of the masses. Woz is not only the co founder of Apple, but his Fusion-IO a flash solution to deliver data faster.

  • Don’t Do As the Romans Did…

    SPEAKER: Michael Auslin

    (Politico Magazine) – It’s not just the Islamic State. Obama must wage a two-front war for civilization, just like Ancient Rome.

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