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Parents, the best graduation gift you can give your child is this

Stedman Graham

By Stedman Graham (Original source Fox News)

“It’s that time of year when all across the country high school seniors will “move the tassel” and become high school graduates. For millions of these young men and women, the next stop will be college and preparing for their lives as adults.

And yet 25 percent of those who go on to graduate from college, according to Gallup, will fail to thrive in their overall careers and lives, because they are unprepared emotionally and experientially for the real world.

Mothers and fathers – the best graduation gift you can give your child is a set of keys—not to a new car—but keys to self-leadership, a trait that can make the difference in the quality of their personal and professional lives and their prospects for purposeful success.

What parent want his or her child to finish college unprepared for today’s world and then work below their full potential? No parent wants that.

Those who develop the self-leadership and self-actualization necessary to be an effective leader in today’s rapidly changing world, I call them Identity Leaders.”

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