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Phillies manager Joe Girardi’s devotion to analytics is rooted in a Northwestern University statistics class

Joe Girardi

(Original source the Chicago Tribune)

“For 44 years, Ajit Tamhane has been a professor at the engineering school at Northwestern University. He has taught, by his uncharacteristically imprecise calculation, thousands of students, scores of whom have appealed for a higher grade. Rarely has he been moved to grant such requests.

Then there was the case of Joseph Elliott Girardi.

An industrial engineering major from Peoria, Ill., Girardi took Tamhane’s statistics course in the mid-1980s and received a final grade that didn’t measure up to what he felt certain he had earned. So, he gathered each of his assignments and exams, marched into Tamhane’s office, and argued for why too many points were deducted here and too few were credited there.”

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