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(Podcast) – How To Let Go When You’re The Founding CEO – That Will Never Work

Marc Randolph


Where to put the mountains of trash humans create is a problem that only seems to keep growing. Recycling is one part of solving the problem… the other is having consumer products last longer so we don’t create as much garbage to begin with. That’s the thinking of this week’s guest Chris Burrage, founder of San Francisco based Proclamation Goods. With some savvy social media, the company’s core product – an ultra durable three-piece pan set – is becoming a sensation with the slow food set. Its no-nonsense anti-coating, American-made vibe has led to design awards, a deal with Williams Sonoma and features in Food & Wine Magazine. But as the company moves out of boot-strap mode, Chris is still trying to figure out some management 101 – early team development and when and how to hire. And delegation shouldn’t feel a full time job in itself… right? Listen in for some savvy advice on actioning a hiring strategy that will help any CEO grow.

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