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Poll results show Trump critics wrong to say he is an unacceptable outsider

The Honorable Newt Gingrich

By Newt Gingrich (Original source Fox News)

“Gallup has analyzed the mood of the American people and come up with warnings for both President Trump and his Democratic rivals.

As Paul Bedard reported in the Washington Examiner, newly released Gallup poll results found the number of Americans who believe that President Trump “has the personality and leadership qualities to be president” has increased over the last two years. The president has also eclipsed his predecessor in terms of working on issues Americans believe to be important.

According to the article: “Gallup found that  47% agree with Trump on the issues, edging President Barack Obama at the two year mark of his presidency. In April 2007, 45% agreed with Obama on issues, said Gallup. And Trump was graded more in line with the political ideology of Americans than Obama and former President George W. Bush. Asked about Trump’s ideology, 38% said it was ‘about right.’ Some 35% said the same thing about Obama, and 36% for Bush.”

These are remarkable numbers. They violate the Washington elites’ view of Trump as an unacceptable outsider. If almost half the country agrees with Trump on issues – and more Americans think he is more in line with their ideology than either President Obama or President George W. Bush, maybe it is the Washington elites who have to do some serious rethinking.”

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