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Professor Paul Romer: “It may take more than 10 years to resolve the US-China conflict.”

Paul Romer

By Paul Romer (original source economy)

“In 2018, Paul Romer, a New York University professor at Stern School of Business, interviewed with the Korea Economic Daily. “It may take more than 10 years to resolve the conflict,” he said.

Romer warned that a huge debt buildup in each country’s easing monetary policy could lead to a financial system crisis. If interest rates soar, the interest burden on the country will increase, and the loss of financial companies, such as banks with many bonds, can snowball and cause insolvency. Regarding the Korean economy, he feared that “the belief in the government’s ability to lead the economy has disappeared among Koreans.” He also advised that soaring real estate prices can only be addressed by focusing on increasing supply.”

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