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Ray LaHood: A ‘no baloney’ approach to Washington’s culture problem

The Honorable Ray LaHood

(Original source Bloomberg Government)

“Ray LaHood has seen some stuff. He presided over Bill Clinton’s impeachment, sat on the House Intelligence Committee during 9/11 and served as one of the only Republicans in the Obama administration. He also counts among his closest friends now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, one of the, er, most colorful–and accomplished–Obama administration alumni. All of this has taught him one, essential truth: bipartisanship matters. Today, LaHood stands as a model of a bygone (but not too far gone) era of bipartisanship and the benefits it can bring to an organization, even one as divided as the U.S. Congress.

The former Congressman and Secretary of Transportation joined Bloomberg Government for an interview ahead of the release of his new book “Seeking Bipartisanship: My Life in Politics” — he shared what it was like to be a Republican in President Obama’s cabinet and advice for aspiring leaders in Washington (hint- have a mentor, and pay it forward.)”

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