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Ray LaHood talks bridges project, future of transportation in Kentuckiana and Paul Ryan

The Honorable Ray LaHood

(WHAS) – Special to WHAS11.com, the extended interview with former US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

LaHood spent Thursday morning, Oct. 29, at an event organized by Greater Louisville Inc. that focused on infrastructure and growth in the region.

WHAS11 met with him afterwards to get his take on the Ohio River Bridges Project, what he thinks is key to growth in Kentuckiana and whether Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan will succeed as Speaker of the House.

LaHood said he was impressed by how two states lead by differing political parties came together for the bridges project.

He suggested that the Kentuckiana region will face similar debates as others like us have when it comes to growth.

Communities are studying whether transportation such as light rail and more mass transit will unlock their potential.

“If this region is going to continue to grow. If you’re going to continue to attract younger people, the smart people that are coming out of colleges, you’re going to have that kind of multi-modal transportation system,” LaHood said.

Secretary LaHood said that paying for projects like those will require federal, state and local dollars and funding will also require the kind of bi-partisan cooperation that drove progress on the bridges project.

He spoke about his time in Congress and said that he feels Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan will succeed as Speaker of the House. The Wisconsin Republican became speaker Thursday morning after John Boehner stepped down.

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