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The Real Health Concerns for America

Congressman Allen B. West

By Allen West (original source Townhall)

“The current frenzied media focus is centered on concerns over Hillary Clinton’s health issues. Needless to say, there is cause for concern with the video of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visibly stumbling and seemingly collapsing right before entering a transport van this past Sunday. Many friends and associates sent me the video footage, asking my assessment. Combine all that with her insidious comments about half of Trump supporters being in a basket of “deplorables” does not set course for a good week for the former Secretary of State.

However, this news about Mrs. Clinton’s health may run for a 72-96 hour news cycle. Trust me, there are those in the liberal progressive media who will be enlisted to spin this story, citing pneumonia. But there is a greater health issue that should be front and center focus for us all: the health of America.”

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