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Science Channel Recruits Former CIA Operative to Investigate Government Secrets in New Series ‘Black Files Declassified’

Michael G. Baker

By Anna Rumer (original source popculture)

“The Science Channel is delving deep into secretive government operations with the “unprecedented access” of former CIA operative Mike Baker in its new series, Black Files Declassified, PopCulture.com can exclusively announce. Premiering Thursday, April 2, the new show will investigate different top-secret government programs as Baker conducts his own research into phenomena such as alien sightings and clandestine technology with the help of journalists, experts, former government and black file officials and scientists.

In Thursday’s premiere, Baker explores a classified aviation program funded by a ‘mysterious money trail’ that could revolutionize transportation as we know it by reaching Mach 5 speeds of nearly 4,000 mph. Fears that this technology could fall into the wrong hands come along with this possible discovery, however, as some countries work on hypersonic missiles, capable of reaching their target in minutes.

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