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Sesame Street encouraging children to get COVID vaccine

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

To help children feel more comfortable about getting the coronavirus vaccine, the cast of Sesame Street held a town hall over the weekend about the ABCs of COVID vaccine.

Characters from the kid’s program spoke with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Eric Hill about the vaccine.

“I got the COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing is feeling a little sore, but it’ll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy,” Big Bird said on Twitter.

During the town hall, Hill told the characters that they’ve been getting vaccines since they were little.

Big Bird wasn’t the only member to get the vaccine, Rosita got hers during the town hall.

“My mommy and Papi took me to get it this morning. My mommy and Papi said it would help keep me, my friends, neighbors, and Abuela healthy!”

Other characters who attended the town hall gave their stamp of approval.

“Elmo was so happy to talk to @DrSanjayGupta at the town hall today! Elmo learned that Elmo’s friends can get the COVID-19 vaccine now, and soon Elmo can too!”

Oscar gave his stamp of approval on Twitter. “Well this stinks. Apparently, the COVID-19 vaccines won’t make you feel grouchy at all! That’s what @KizzyPhD said at today’s town hall, anyway. You might get a sore arm and feel tired, so at least there’s that.

Grover also shared his thoughts after the meeting, “Super Grover may have many special superpowers, but he also knows when to ask a friend for help! Thank you @KizzyPhD for teaching us aaaaall about COVID-19 vaccines at the town hall today!

In the United States, children ages 5 to 11 are eligible to receive their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

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