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3 Reasons Customer Service Trumps Everything

Daymond John

By Micah Solomon (original source Forbes)

Daymond John (the storied creator of FUBU who’s now so spiffily informative on Shark Tank) and I tend to cover different areas; he’s best-known for working with entrepreneurs and in mentorship, and I concentrate on customer service and the customer experience as a consultant and keynote speaker.  So I was heartened to hear Daymond’s strong feelings on the subject, on “my” subject, so to speak, when we recently spoke after his Capital One mentorship event in NYC.

“Nothing,” Daymond told me point blank, “is more important than great customer service. To over-deliver in service to a customer is by far the most valuable thing to a business. Because, there are only two ways to improve the operations of a business: increase sales or decrease costs. In today’s environment, decreasing costs is hard. And as far as increasing sales, doing so via customer service is highly effective.”

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