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Side Dishes: Downton Abbey owner in Vancouver for afternoon tea

Lady Fiona Carnarvon

By Mia Stainsby (original source Vancouver Sun) 

“Some of the best lines in the soon to expire Downton Abbey TV series (sniff, sniff) come from the kitchen, with head cook Mrs. Patmore dishing out delicious lines like: “If the family is like sardines, my Lady, the staff are like maggots.” And: “Chilled soup should be an exquisite mouthful, not a bucket of slop.” Or: “Listen to me and take those kidneys up to the servery before I knock you down and serve your brains as fritters.”

You can be quite assured that when Lady Fiona Carnarvon, owner of Highclere Castle, the setting for the Crawley family in the series, does afternoon tea in Vancouver on Friday, March 4, her manner will be ship shape. Quite!”

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