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‘Something very rare’: FDA’s Gottlieb aggressively tackled difficult issues

Scott Gottlieb, M.D.

By Scott Gottlieb (Original source Politico)

“FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who shocked Washington with news of his resignation on Tuesday, will leave the agency at the end of this month with a track record of activism and regulatory actions.

FDA leaders have typically focused much of their attention on a handful of medical topics, but Gottlieb has been active and aggressive on many issues as commissioner without hewing to a strictly conservative or liberal ideology. It’s an approach that’s won him praise from many in the health sector, while garnering criticism from several of the targeted businesses like tobacco companies and the fast-growing e-cigarette industries.

“He was able to do something very rare: He never got embroiled in a scandal, never got labeled with a toxic administration brush and had a great relationship with the President all at the same time,” said one former White House official.”

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