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Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak launch Silicon Valley Comic Con

Steve Wozniak

Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak have teamed up to launch Silicon Valley Comic Con.

The Marvel Comics legend and Apple co-founder have announced a new event in the Bay Area (via CBR).

“There are lots of fans like me in San Francisco and the Valley, and I’m excited that now we’ll have a Comic Con with our very own flavor,” said Wozniak in a statement.

“When I was growing up, it was hard to be a geek. It definitely wasn’t cool, and that wasn’t easy. I’m happy things have changed because now people are able to be proud of being geeks and being different. Silicon Valley Comic Con will be an event where fans of all kinds can celebrate the Age of the Geek.”

Entertainment industry veteran John Alcantar is also involved in the convention.

The first Silicon Valley Comic Con will be held at San Jose Convention Center on March 19-20, 2016.

Watch the video: http://www.digitalspy.com/comics/news/a642737/stan-lee-and-steve-wozniak-launch-silicon-valley-comic-con.html

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