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Stedman Graham: Why I Care so Much About Leadership

Stedman Graham

For more than 30 years, I have been writing books, teaching in colleges, working in communities, leading non-profits and speaking at workshops throughout the world. In all that time, I have come to know one thing: leadership is everything. The needs of the 21st century cannot be met by followers.

The world is changing at warp speed, and people must be able to stand on a solid platform of self-awareness, equipped with the tools required for self-leadership that allow them to adapt to the ever-changing technologies, ideologies and circumstances of their lives. I want to change peoples’ mind-set from that of a follower to that of a leader. My program produces results: people become self-motivated leaders in their lives, inspired by their dreams and their values. Further, they inspire themselves to succeed, no longer dependent on outside forces for motivation or discipline.

People who understand Identity Leadership develop the capacity to reassure and motivate themselves. They are self-reliant. They learn to self-execute valuable, thoughtful actions, often creating innovative ideas that revolutionize their personal and professional effectiveness. The world needs leaders who understand the importance of self-awareness, self-discipline and self-leadership.

We need people who know themselves to lead organizations away from the idea of commerce for commerce’s sake, to the new paradigm of success based on integrity; with self-actualized individuals at the helm.

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