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Steve Wozniak visits Springfield: What People Tweeted about his speech

Steve Wozniak

SPRINGFIELD – Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, fascinated a full crowd talking on Friday about his early days at the computer company and promoting the future of technological advances such as self-driving cars.

As part of the talk, put on by the Springfield Public Forum help of sponsors including MassMutual, Wilbraham & Monson Academy and Paragus Strategic IT and MassLive, Wozniak participated in a question-and-answer session.

Wozniak came to Springfield through chance and generosity. He had events in Buffalo and Boston, with a few days off in between, so he came to the city for a discount. Sponsors leapt at the opportunity to put on the event.

Demand for the free tickets was so high the talk was moved to a larger space and more people were allowed in.

Wozniak didn’t disappoint. He talked about happiness. The crowd laughed at his jokes. They applauded when he mentioned his donations to children’s museums.

Before his talk at the MassMutual Center, Wozniak visited Tech Foundry, the computer education program downtown. He met dozens of high school students and some of the winners of Thursday’s Valley Venture Mentors Accelerator Awards.

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