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Syria and The New Regional Borders of Influence

Octavia Nasr

(original source Annahar) 

“After hosting Iran’s nuclear talks, Switzerland readies itself to serve as the main ground for Syria’s fresh round of UN-sponsored talks. Russia has just announced that it will be participating in the May 14 consultaions in the capital Geneva. The consultations will involve the Assad government, Syrian opposition, and other regional powers including Iran.

Now that all the major players have flexed their military and political muscles to an extreme, new power borders are being redrawn in the Middle East region. A defiant Russia in the face of international pressure, criticism and threats, happens to be one of the major beneficiaries of the latest deals and agreements. With that in the backdrop, Moscow seems keen on speeding up the diplomacy to find a solution to the embarrassing situation its ally Bashar al-Assad finds himself in. Four years of war, 220,000 people killed, 4 million refugees and 7.6 estimated displaced. Not to mention the rise and exacerbation of the Islamic State and Al-Nusra and the blunt build-up of Hezbollah militants as they got involved in the conflict.”

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