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My take on the early Brexit winners and losers

Ian Bremmer, Ph.D

By Ian Bremmer (original source CNBC) 


Boris Johnson – The former London mayor and grudging “Leave” supporter-turned enthusiastic “Leave” leader chose the winning side. He’s now a front-runner to lead the Tory party. ‪#‎HellFreezesOver‬

Theresa May – Boris Johnson’s populist approach to the Brexit campaign ticked off quite a few Tory elders, so the real money should be on UK Home Secretary Theresa May to succeed outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron. May is a political heavyweight and is generally respected among the Tories, something Boris Johnson is … um, not.

Nigel Farage – the once-embattled UK Independence Party leader gets his moment in the sun. Also gets to keep having a political career. And the fact that he quoted “Independence Day” in his victory speech made a crazy night that much crazier.”

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