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Take smart steps to slow spread of the coronavirus

Scott Gottlieb, M.D.

By Scott Gottlieb and Marc Lipsitch (original source USA Today)

“It’s been only two months since the novel coronavirus was first identified in China, and the virus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, have raced across the globe. It’s now spreading in communities in America and will be hard to contain. People are rightly worried. They’re asking how dangerous this new virus is, and what steps can you take to protect yourself? 

Right now, there are probably thousands of cases in the U.S., most causing mild illness that remains undetected. While a person’s chance of contracting it remains low, that risk will grow as spread continues. We are still learning exactly how dangerous and contagious this new virus is, but it’s worse than the seasonal flu. Unless we get better detection in place quickly to identify cases, and take more steps to mitigate its spread, Americans will face a growing risk.

The collective action of Americans can also make a difference. There are actions that people can take in their daily lives to protect themselves personally and also slow the progress of the virus. This will reduce a person’s individual risk of contracting COVID-19 and give our communities more time to prepare before the virus becomes more pervasive.”

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