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Terror attacks hit at worst possible time: Eurasia

Ian Bremmer, Ph.D

By Matthew J. Belvedere (original source CNBC) 

“The deadly attacks in Paris could start affecting the world economy if the fallout persists, a leading expert on global political risk said Monday.

“Nine-eleven, when it hit, you couldn’t ask for a ‘better time.’ [George W. Bush] was at the beginning of a very popular presidency. The economy was doing well. We weren’t in an electoral season. The allies were strong,” Ian Bremmer, founder and president of the consulting firm Eurasia Group, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

The current terror concerns sweeping the globe are happening in the midst of the presidential election in the U.S., regional elections in France, the Syrian refugee crisis, and weaker alliances between the U.S. and its European partners, Bremmer said. “The politics being made in the U.S. and more broadly on the back of this … disaster is worse than I’ve ever seen following a major disaster in a developed economy,” he said.”

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