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The Price of Modesty

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

By Ayaan Hirsi Ali (original source Huffington Post)

“Rokhshana was 19-years-old when a gang of men in Afghanistan stoned her to deaththis week. The men who stoned her were enforcing Islamic law, otherwise known as Sharia. According to the governor of the province, Ghor, she lived in a Taliban-controlled village. Rokhshana was forced to marry someone she did not want and she fled with another man, hence the accusations of adultery that led to her sentencing and brutal execution.

Sharia codifies Islam’s many rules and governs everything from how to worship daily to personal behavior, economic and legal transactions and the governance of a nation. However, it is most commonly used as a tool to rob women of their most basic rights, including sexual autonomy.”

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