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The race for 5G and the risks if America doesn’t get it right

The Honorable Newt Gingrich

I hope you will listen to the latest episode of my Newt’s World podcast, in which I have an important conversation about the race for – and risks associated with – 5G technology.

America is currently in a global competition with China to see which country will lead in the global deployment of 5G. Currently, China is winning. This may be the most important challenge we currently face for protecting our national security, economy, and quality of life.

This next generation technology will vastly expand our connectivity and dramatically change our everyday lives. It is so powerful and offers so many opportunities and potential threats, it will fundamentally change the world in which we live. Further, the country that wins this race will dominate economically, militarily, and in sheer knowledge.

This new system is not an incremental step from the current 4G technology. This is not just about downloading more movies on your iPad. The full deployment of 5G is going to be the backbone of autonomous manufacturing, smart homes, self-driving cars, real-time virtual reality, and many other life-changing technologies.

However, there are also risks. If the global system that is built isn’t fully secure, the data that flows through the system will be up for grabs. Bad actors (including other governments) will be able to know who you call, what’s in your bank account, what’s in your health records, and where you physically are at all times. Additionally, it’s important that we fully explore and understand the potential impact the 5G millimeter waves could have on our health.

This is not some simple, small thing. This is the central science and technology revolution of this generation.

If America does not get its act together, catch up, and do what it takes to win, we are very likely going to end up in a Chinese-dominated world. If this doesn’t alarm you, remember that China is a totalitarian dictatorship.

Consider how radically different our lives would be if a totalitarian dictatorship had that kind of access – and control – on our economy, national security, and our daily lives.


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