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The Supreme Court is tipping the scales toward Trump’s reelection

Jen Psaki

By Jen Psaki (original source CNN)

“Make no mistake — the conservative justices on the US Supreme Court are making decisions now that could influence the outcome of the November election. And the ongoing public health crisis consuming the lives of most Americans is just the cover they need.

After refusing for weeks to hold oral arguments via video conference, on Monday the Supreme Court reversed a lower court ruling that would have extended the deadline for Wisconsin voters to send in their absentee ballots. Put simply, they made it harder for the people of Wisconsin, who are grappling with the health impact of coronavirus and pending economic uncertainty, to vote. The primary was taking place Tuesday.

But why would Republicans even care about people voting in a Democratic primary? It’s unlikely it has much to do with former Vice President Joe Biden or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

There is, however, a Wisconsin Supreme Court race on the ballot — one that President Donald Trump cared enough about to take a moment during a global pandemic to tweet in to support of candidate Daniel Kelly earlier this week.”

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