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The world is better prepared for the coronavirus threat. But we remain tragically vulnerable.

Scott Gottlieb, M.D.

By Scott Gottlieb (original source The Washington Post)

“Health authorities’ concern about the new coronavirus in China, with cases spreading in Asia and as far as the United States, deepened Wednesday with news that the Chinese government plans to shut down transportation from Wuhan, a city of 11 million people that is considered ground zero of the pneumonia-like virus.

After the outbreak began in December, the Chinese government for weeks portrayed it as a problem largely restricted to Wuhan, in the Hubei province. Infections have since been found in the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Macao, and in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan — as well as in this country in Washington state. Of particular concern: The news Monday that Chinese authorities had determined that the virus can be spread by human-to-human contact, and that 14 health-care workers had been infected by a single carrier. As of Wednesday, 17 people have died and more than 470 have fallen ill with the virus, The Post reported.”

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