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The world’s climate is in the hands of just three nations

The Honorable Henry M. Paulson, Jr.

By Kevin Rudd and Hank Paulson (original source The Guardian)

“While all contributions from the 195 countries at the UN’s global climate change summit in Paris will be important, three are critical. China, the United States and India hold the key to large-scale global progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

So far, the UN climate process has faced the challenge of rallying all countries behind one unified resolution. While this remains crucial, efforts to build global consensus are increasingly varied, emphasising the role that multilateral, national and subnational policies can play in responding to the unique circumstances faced by societies around the globe. The Paris meeting reflects this shift, as the UN increasingly looks to shape the individual national commitments of countries around the world into a new, dynamic global compact. This approach creates encouraging possibilities for China, the US and India – which together make up roughly 40% of global carbon emissions – to become global leaders in a new and more sustainable energy future.”

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