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Time to fix America’s lack of female leaders problem

Carly Fiorina

By Carly Fiorina (Original source FOX Business)

“Fewer than 5 percent of companies  in the S&P 500 have female chief executives. Women make up 22 percent of Fortune 500 board members, according to Pew Research. At the C-suite level, only one in five leaders is a woman. Women make up 25 percent. There are nine female governors.

There is a lack of women in leadership roles – we get it. The problem is clear. The reasons to fix it are obvious Yet, we continue to fall short – despite spending $8 billion a year on diversity and inclusion training that is in part designed to help women succeed.

We know what hasn’t worked.

Women have been told to ask for raises, speak with confidence, find a mentor, delay motherhood, negotiate salary, use exclamation points, don’t you dare use exclamations points, lean in, lean in a little more gracefully, wear pants, dress with pride and the list goes on. And as I speak with young women across the country, they say the same thing: It is exhausting.”

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