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Tomi Lahren at TPUSA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit

Tomi Lahren

(Hypeline) – 400+ young conservative women were stunned over an amazing performance by The Blaze‘s, Tomi Lahren at Turning Point USA’s Young Women Leadership Summit. Lahren offered intelligent advice, paired with an inspirational message for the young women representing over 40 states.

Tomi Lahren quickly rose to fame after scrutinizing President Barack Obama after the Chattanooga, Tennessee, terrorist attack that killed four U.S. Marines and one Navy sailor. Lahren has since taken over Facebook and YouTube by storm with her popular show, Final Thoughts. Her show regularly receives millions of views from millennials.

“I love Turning Point USA!” Lahren stated. “Keep going out and doing what you doing, talk to people on a very real level. Turning Point does that better than anyone else.”

After giving prepared remarks, Lahren took questions from the audience for almost an hour. The topics ranged from immigration to #BlackLivesMatter. If the girls had a question, Lahren didn’t shy away from answering it.

The excitement in the room was overwhelming. And after her speech, Tomi took photos with almost every attendee. The line stretched around the corner of the hallway and women waited over an hour just to get a photo.

Lahren’s performance was inspiring, and the 400+ young conservative women were all ears to her powerful message. Her performance ended day 2 of the YWLS conference. The last day of the conference features both conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and former presidential nominee Carly Fiorina.

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