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Trump to America: Don’t blame me

Jen Psaki

By Jen Psaki (original source CNN)

“When the announcement came from the White House on Monday morning that there would be no briefing, there was a sigh of relief.

And not just from weary fact-checkers and health care professionals, but from members of President Donald Trump’s own political party who have been forced to at worst defend and at best explain his failure to prepare for, manage and communicate on the worst public health crisis in a century.

But there was no way President Trump was going to miss his opportunity to communicate his own alternative reality of how well he has handled and managed the response to coronavirus. He loves the spotlight. Even when it is under the worst possible circumstances. He can’t seem to help himself. How else would he blame everyone else?

Instead of a repeat of the briefing room press conferences that have provided hours of head-scratching and at times shocking claims by President Trump, Monday’s resurrected event was moved to the Rose Garden, which in the old days of more normal presidents was saved for big announcements and state visits.”

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