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US needs a robust Southeast Asian strategy: Evan Feigenbaum

Dr. Evan A. Feigenbaum

(Original source Singapore Institute of International Affairs) 

“We spoke with Dr. Evan Feigenbaum, Vice Chairman, Paulson Institute and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State. Dr. Feigenbaum gave an evening talk at the SIIA on the subject of “What is the USA’s role in Asia’s new order?” on 22 July 2015. We asked him about his views on the United States’ security and economic relations with Southeast Asia.

Q. What issues are likely to be a priority during the upcoming meeting between the U.S. and China Presidents in September?

Dr. Feigenbaum: I think if we’re very candid about it – this is a very rough period in U.S.-China relations. And that is important, because the two sides have clashing security concerns. So I think the first step is to stabilise the relationship, by getting some of the tougher strategic issues out on the table…one of those obviously is the South China Sea.”

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