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Watch This TV Host SCHOOL Obama… Says What We’re ALL Thinking

Tomi Lahren

(Allen B. West) – In just over two minutes, this young woman sums up perfectly what we’ve all been thinking and saying for some time now about all that’s wrong with our national discussion and focus. All that, sadly, was brought into high relief with last week’s killing, on American soil, of four Marines and one U.S Navy sailor at the hands of an Islamic terrorist.

In closing out yesterday’s “On Point with Tomi Lahren” show, host Tomi Lauren absolutely and eloquently SCHOOLS President Obama and the left for misguided priorities and distractions — from climate change and wage inequality to gay marriage, “white racism” and more.

Ms. Lahren, who herself comes from a family of Marines, calls out radical Islam — now a reality at home — as the real problem in no uncertain terms. It’s two minutes well worth watching — and sharing.

Ms. Lahren’s clearly had enough of President Obama’s lack of strategy for dealing with the real and present threat, now on our own shores, of radical Islam. She channels so many of us in closing:

I’ve had it with this failed strategy, this halfway, half-baked, tiptoe, be-friendly-to-jihadis mentality pushed by this administration.

And here’s my personal favorite part, as Lahren pleas:

Be a leader. Someone. They, the radical Islamists, have brought the fight right here to the Red, White and Blue and its about time we bring it to them — full force.”

Well said, Ms. Lahren! This is the first I’d seen of you but certainly won’t be the last.

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