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Watch Trevor Noah, Tomi Lahren’s Fierce Debate On Black Lives Matter

Tomi Lahren

By Elias Leight (original source Rolling Stone) 

“Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren clashed with The Daily Show host Trevor Noah in an extended 25-minute debate Wednesday night. The conversation centered on the Black Lives Matter movement and the efficacy of political protesting. But the takeaway was the utter disconnect between the host and the 24-year-old firebrand, who works for Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze.

“Why are you so angry?” Noah asked the Dallas-based host, who appeared tone-deaf insisting that she wasn’t angry, as clips of her viral ‘Final Thoughts’ rants punctuated the segment. In one clip, Lahren calls anti-Trump protesters “crybabies with nothing better to do than meander around the streets with their participation trophies and false sense of purpose.” “It’s just that there are things that need to be said, and a lot of people are afraid to say them,” Lahren said to Noah.”

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