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We’re failing people with opioid use disorder


“We know regulators can move quickly to confront a health crisis because we have seen it in action. During COVID, the nation eased regulatory burdens at all levels of government to help health systems and doctors leverage technology and change the way they deliver care and to drive vaccine innovation. During the AIDS epidemic, we saw how effectively we could mobilize across the public and private sector to really change the course of the fight. Now is the time to harness the same energy for the opioid crisis. When you begin multiplying the number of those who have died from overdoses by the number of friends and loved ones who cared about each person and are now experiencing life-altering losses, there are fewer and fewer Americans unaffected by this crisis. The status quo is not only failing people with opioid use disorder, it’s failing all of us.”

Arthur Robin Williams is a psychiatrist. He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, “The status quo is failing people with opioid use disorder.”

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