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What Hank Paulson likes about Trump’s trade policy on China

The Honorable Henry M. Paulson, Jr.

By Krystal Hu (original source Yahoo Finance)

“Hank Paulson, former US Treasury Secretary during the 2008 financial crisis, finds some bright spots in how the Trump administration is dealing with the rising trade tensions with Beijing.

“I do see it as positive that the Trump administration has been looking to increase U.S. exports to China. I think there are some areas that are really very suitable for that,” Paulson said during an event hosted by the China Institute in New York City on Thursday. He believes China could be a major market for U.S. industries such as natural gas.

The former CEO of Goldman Sachs has dealt with three generations of Chinese leaders. He negotiated with China on economic reforms and now works with China to tackle sustainable development and climate change at the Paulson Institute.”

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